How To Use Lemon Juice For Acne

Lemon juice is a well known home remedy ingredient helpful to cure acne. It is effective and is in use right from the ancient times. In fact homeopaths and Chinese also used lemon juice to cure various other ailments such as skin disorder and ailments. Lemon juice is highly concentrated containing vitamin c extracts and citric acid that promote the health of your skin and helps in curing skin disorders such as acne scars and acne.
Options of Acne Treatment

·    Treatment 1:  In a small bowl squeeze one lemon. In the lemon juice soak a cotton ball. Now, as a first step use a gentle cleanser and clean your skin and pat dry. Once your skin dries, apply the lemon juice on the affected area of your skin. You can apply this and leave it overnight. Hence, it is best applied prior to going to bed. Next day morning wash using water and no soap to be applied.

·    Treatment 2:  People with sensitive skin may experience burning sensation or the skin may appear red on applying the lemon juice. If so, you may dilute the lemon juice by adding plain water or rose water in equal amounts. This will give a cool feeling and also assist in curing acne.

·    Treatment 3: Almond oil and honey are also recommended as the best to cure skin disorders. You can make a paste by taking 7 tbsp of almond oil, 5 tbsp of honey and 3tbsp of fresh lemon juice. Apply it on the affected area on the acne. This destroys the bacterial infections and is the best anti-inflammatory agents that not only cures acne, but also eliminates its marks.

·    Treatment 4: Mix lemon juice half cup with 5tsp egg white. You can apply over the affected skin as a mask and leave it for 30 minutes. Use lukewarm water and wash it off. Using lemon juice regularly with egg white ensures cleaning of your skin and your skin appears clear free of acne.

·    Treatment 5: Lemon juice is beneficial for your skin and health. So drinking it daily helps in eliminating waste toxins from your body. In this process, it also improves your digestion process, cures constipation and decreases infections.  Every day in the morning, on empty stomach, take a glass of warm water and add one lemon extract to it and drink it. This will improve your skin texture and complexion. You may add honey to the lemon juice in the morning to make it truly effective.  A very important point to bear in mind is that you must not eat or drink anything for the next 30 minutes after taking this drink in the morning. This is very useful for severe acne breakout.

There are many other ways to us the lemon juice to eliminate acne and so you may follow a suitable way for your skin and follow it. Acne is irritating and tough to get rid of. However, the lemon juice is one such home remedy offering quick and effective results.

Intricacies of Lemon Juice over acne

1.    Lemon juice treats acne is now well known, but know it here now how it does. Lemon juice contains citric acid in high levels. However, though it is an acid, it has low pH and so benefits your skin. Acne is caused due to oils, dead skin cells, bacteria and dirt on the skin surface that blocks the pores of your skin and these must be removed. Generally, it is best to wipe or wash them off. However, if you cannot follow it regularly, pores get clogged.

2.    Here now the citric acid helps in unclogging the pores on applying it on the affected area on the skin. It removes excess materials from your skin surface.  In this way you may use to cure acne.

Lemon Juice can be used in two ways to cure acne permanently, topically and orally. Topically means you can directly apply it to your skin and orally deals with ingesting the juice.

Topically:  Here you buy a fresh lemon and the size does is not taken into concern. You can cut half lemon or squeeze the full lemon. Apply the lemon juice on the acne and store the remaining juice for future use in the fridge. Remember, even if there is a slight sting on applying, do not stop. The citric acid present in the lemon peels and removes the outer layer, thereby helping you enjoy a healthy skin.  Lemon juice works as an antibacterial, detoxifying and astringent agent. Hence, it effectively removes the scars as well.

Orally: This deals with drinking lemon juice. It can be had as lemon tea or by adding to hot water. Drinking on empty stomach is effective as anti-acne remedy. Yet, if you experience any sort of discomfort or severe breakouts, seek a dermatologists help.

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