Is Witch Hazel Good For Acne?

Acne is a common problem faced by people in different ages. It is a skin disease that is caused

by the overproduction of the skin glands. The overproduction is the sebum, an oily substance that

plugs the pores of the skin, leading to lesions outbreak on the shoulders, neck, face, back and

chest. Acne is not a crucial health concern, yet results in permanent scarring, if it is left


What is Witch Hazel?

Witch hazel is a small tree or a deciduous bush in 6 m height. It is found in most of North

America damp woods. It has golden yellow flowers and broad, toothed oval leaves. The flowers

bear brown fruit capsules. The dried bark, leaves and twigs of witch hazel are used to cure acne.

Witch Hazel Astringent Property

Astringent is the common ingredient that helps in curing acne. Witch hazel is an astringent

naturally and is effective as acne treatment. Witch hazel has not only astringent properties, but

also includes anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and antioxidant properties. Thus it helps in preventing

and curing the acne skin conditions. Using witch hazel routinely helps in controlling blemishes

and acne. It assists in curing acne by lessening the oil and also skin inflammation. Witch hazel

when used as a toner continuously vanishes.  Witch hazel is gentle and does t help in removing

oil from your skin to a great extent, so it suits people who are also looking for a mild astringent.

There are a number of ways that witch hazel can assist in managing the breakouts of acne and

your soothing skin. There are innumerable acne-fighting creams, toners, lotions, cleansers,

astringents, and medications available in the market. Witch hazel helps in curing a number of

skin issues relating to acne. Thus, it is important to recognize the skin of everyone and to

respond to topical treatments. The appropriate way of finding the lotions, astringents, toners or

cleaners for acne is by doing a sincere research of the products available in the market right from

the trial and error process.

Using witch hazel is a good start. It is an astringent and also a disinfectant. People using witch

hazel consider it very good for skin cleansing as it does not dry the skin completely nor does it

cause any sort of skin irritation. The skin pores size also shrinks and improves the look of the

skin. People use witch hazel as a disinfectant so that it reduces the amount of bacterial present in

the pores and on the face, thus it reduces the future breakouts, thereby healing skin infections or

current pimples.


Witch Hazel is good for acne is strongly believed and recommended. The following are it best

benefits that are supporting the main cause of offering relief from acne.

· Fights Acne: Witch hazel is a skin care regimen and it helps in fighting off blemishes

and acne. It is a natural astringent that assists with acne control in reducing the oil and

inflammation. You may use witch hazel like a toner and it reduces acne with consistent

use. Witch hazel is mild and works perfectly as gentle astringent.

· Refreshes Skin: Using witch hazel you can freshen up your skin. In fact, witch hazel can

be used anytime you feel your skin is dirty, oily or hot and enjoy a clean and refreshing

feeling. Witch hazel helps in tightening the skin pores and reduces the pores of your skin,

thereby offers a smooth appearance. You may dab witch hazel on a pad or a cotton ball

and eliminate the skin impurities in few seconds.

· Lock Moisture: Witch hazel helps in locking moisture present in your skin. It removes

the surplus oil from your skin and also eliminates the water loss. It improves the outer

skin layer hydration. Thus it is an ideal moisturizer that you can use to lock moisture after

you are out of the shower and fight dry skin.


Apply in the morning and evening the natural acne toners such as witch hazel after

washing your face, and apply a light oil free moisturizer.

Witch hazel works on different skin types, oily as well as non-oily.

Witch hazel is inexpensive, so you can use it consistently.

Witch hazel can be used continuously as it helps in enhancing the look of your skin.

Store witch hazel in cool place and in dark colored bottle. It removes surplus oil and does

not allow your skin to dry nor does it irritate your skin. Instead is cool on your skin.

Witch hazel acts as a disinfectant as it contains the properties to kill bacteria in the pores

and on the skin surface, thus prevents breakouts of pimples or acne.

7· Adding it with honey or lemon juice contributes to enhancing the overlook look of your

skin, besides it soothes your skin that is swollen or red due to pimples or acne.

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