How to Use Witch Hazel for Acne

Witch hazel the name sounds to be really scary.  In fact, witch hazel is best to cure skin problems

such as acne. This is an herbal plant extract that displays disinfectant and astringent properties

and this is suitably effective to clear acne.  Witch hazel also helps in curing hemorrhoids. Witch

hazel is a natural remedy and is useful to cure skin problems. In fact, this is the right treatment to

get rid of acne problems.

  • Witch Hazel and Acne

Witch hazel is a small shrub found primarily in Japan and North America. It is been used in

traditional medicine owing to its skin-friendly benefits. The leaves, twigs and the bark exhibit

medicinal qualities. These extracts are effective for inflammatory skin conditions such as acne

and eczema.  In fact, some skin creams also include these herbal extracts and it is evident that it

promotes healing quickly. Though it does not give much scientific evidence, it is supported by

mouth reviews strongly and indicates the herb is perfect for anti-acne activity. Witch hazel helps

destroying bacterial causing acne as it acts like a natural antiseptic and helps in destroying calm

acne breakouts bacteria-causing acne.

1· Natural Astringent

Witch Hazel offers an astringent effect that it reduces the size of enlarged pores. This is because

it has high-tannin content. The astringent qualities help[s unclogging the pores and removing dirt

getting accumulated. The tannins in them calm the inflamed pimples acting as a natural anti-

inflammatory agent. It also tightens the acne scars and reduces the visibility.

2· Reduces Sebum Production

Witch Hazel decreases the sebum secretion, a key factor causing acne. The sebum production

reduction reduces the lowering bacterial population on the skin and this helps in combating the

symptoms of acne.

  • Ways to Use Witch hazel in Acne Treatment

Witch Hazel offers best results on using it as a toner or a face mask instead of spot treatment. It

can be used individually or in combination with other natural acne remedies such as honey or

lemon.  It is more effective in people having oily skin.

Witch hazel has a distinct smell. So mix essential oils such as lavender oil to smell good. The

pros of this natural herb are that it is very mild on the skin and does not alter your skin pH. The

different types of witch hazel available for acne treatment are:

  • Witch Hazel Toners:

1· A Natural Toner: Witch Hazel natural toner ingredients are lavender flowers, lavender

oil and hazel witch. Lavender oil six drops with dried lavender flowers one tablespoon

and witch hazel one cup should be mixed in a closed glass jar and store it in a cool place.

Allow it to saturate for a week and remember to shake it daily. Remember to strain the

solution and remove the flowers by filtering. Store the liquid in a glass bottle dark

colored. Shake the bottle prior to applying and apply it directly on the affected skin area

as a toner. You may use cotton swabs while applying onto your skin, but restrict to

applying it three times a day.

2· Hazel Witch and Lemon Juice Toner: This is a natural astringent working to remove

excessive oil. It is ideal for an oily skin and pimple problems. It helps in keeping pimple

and acne under control.

  • Witch Hazel Face Masks

1· Hazel Witch and Honey: This is a natural treatment for acne. It is a face mask that is

prepared by mixing witch hazel one tablespoon with honey two tablespoons. You may

add tea tree oil a little, mashed avocado and egg white to make a thick paste. You can

make a good mix by adding lavender oil few drops. Applying this paste and allowing it to

remain for 10-15 minutes and washing it using cool water give a great relief. This is

because honey contains antibacterial properties and helps in controlling acne. In fact,

honey and witch hazel as facemask are excellent as they are anti-inflammatory and ideal

for acne conditions.

2· Hazel Witch and Clay Powder: Both have astringent property. Thus make a good

combination to eliminate from your skin the excessive oil and thus tighten your skin.

Mixing these two in equal proportions and applying it on your skin using cotton swab is

recommended. Allow it for 15 minutes and use a damp wash cloth to remove the mask

and then wash your face using cool water.

To conclude, witch hazel can be included in your daily skin care regimen regularly. It will assist

you in getting rid of skin problems, besides also help in contributing to maintain a healthy skin.

However, people using witch hazel all through the day must drink plenty of water and certainly

follow a healthy diet including fresh vegetables and fruits, leafy vegetables and avoid too much

of fried food items. This will ensure good skin health.

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