How To Get Rid Of A Toothache Pain Fast

Toothache is the worst nightmare. Toothaches may be mild or severe and this can be known only on visiting a dentist. Toothpaste also offers relief, but temporarily. Painful ache around a particular tooth is a problem. Besides mild to sharp pain, the other included symptoms are redness, bad smell, swelling, fluid drainage, referred headache and fever.  However, until you visit a dentist or seek an appointment here are some fast relief remedies helping in alleviating severe toothache at home.


As with other medical conditions, treatment starts on understanding the causes for the tooth pain. The main cause is inflammation present inside the pulp chamber. Other reasons are tooth decay, gum infection, abscessed tooth and tooth fracture. Faulty tooth filling also causes severe toothache.

How to Get Rid Fast of a Toothache

Effective remedies to get rid of a toothache include applying ice, salt water gargling and using clove oil. Tooth pain disturbs any individual and causes trouble while chewing, eating and talking. Treatment for this problem requires immediate attention and there are certain things that help in alleviating pain at home.
1.Clean Teeth Properly:  Clean mouth and floss perfectly. This prompts perfect tooth care. Flushing off food particles ensures your teeth corners are safe. Rinse mouth using lukewarm water and brush teeth gently. Follow the same procedure after having your meals or drinks.
2.Say No to Hot Foods: The pain intensity is high on having hot foods or sweet foods. Hence, it is recommended to consume foods not too hot or cold. It is advised to restrict sweet goodies intake as it increases infection chances. So ensure you floss teeth regularly.
3.Gargle with Salt Water: Gargling using salt water is enough. Use salt in lukewarm water and gargle. It is useful for effectual relief and reduces the tooth infection. This is useful even if you are pregnant.
4.Use Clove Oil: Your tooth pain can be alleviated on using clove oil. It can be mixed with ingredients such as oregano oil, pepper powder and olive oil. You may also dip a cotton ball and place it over aching tooth. Repeat this for best results.
5.Apply Ice pack:  This offers instant relief as it numbs the area and there is a perception of pain reduction. Dentists recommend ice creams during toothache times and so instead placing ice cubes over affected tooth may cause initial pain, but will subside in a short time.
6.Avoid Pressurizing Teeth: Tooth pain is severe and if you apply pressure it is undoubtedly very painful. Refrain from exerting pressure on the teeth. Avoid chewing hard foods on the affected tooth side and also eating chewing gum. It is ideal to not exert pressure and to eat soft foods that need less chewing.

Other Remedies

Other effectual home remedies of toothache are chewing guava leaves, applying pepper powder mixture and table salt, chew fresh spinach leaves and, use crushed garlic clove. Apart from all these, chewing raw onion is also a good remedy for a few minutes. This is because onion possesses antibacterial properties and kills bacteria. You can try all these steps for reducing the intensity of the pain, but if the symptoms persist, it is best to consult a dentist, after 2 days.

Taking over the counter medicine is also best.  Also placing clove is one of the best toothache remedies. You may chew a clove piece to ease pain or place it on the affected part to numb the area and decrease the pain. Even small pieces of onion help in getting rid of irritating pain.

In fact, even whiskey helps. Alcohol acts like anesthesia when it comes into contact with the affected area and gums. It reduces the pain completely.

Wheat grass juice gives pain relief. It is ideal to be used as mouth wash or to chew it, to alleviate pain in the mouth.

Swishing salt water in your mouth also soothes the pain and assists in killing harmful microbes in the mouth.

Black pepper is ideal for bad breath and toothache. A paste of black pepper and salt may be applied on the cavity and you will notice a great relief.

A mixture of salt with mustard oil is a good option. You may massage your tooth on the aching area. Using iodine is also ideal for toothache as a pain killer, but do not swallow it.

Vanilla extracts also help in making the area numb, thus reducing the pain. Peppermint dried leaves are perfect for toothache. Place these leaves for 10 to 15 minutes as it gives fast toothache relief.

Using sliced cucumber is effective. You may hold these slices on the affected area to ease the pain.  Using refrigerated cucumber is also effective.

Massaging the earlobe is another amazing pain relief option. Massage for 10 to 15 minutes in the area that has toothache and the pain will subside.

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