How to Get Rid of a Sinus Infection

Sinus infection is an inflammation of the nasal passages and sinuses. Mostly, sinusitis is caused

due to bacteria, fungi and virus infection. Other triggers of sinus include pollutants, allergens,

weak immune system, temperature, humidity, poor air quality, dehydration, weak immune

system, stress and hormonal fluctuations. The infection causes nasal passages congestion

blocking the drainage of sinuses leading to various symptoms.


  • General Symptoms and Sinusitis TypesThe sinusitis symptoms are excess phlegm, pain in the eyes, headache, cheek and nose pain. Theother symptoms may include nasal congestion, cough, fever, nasal congestion and bad breath.

    Phlegm color monitoring is a perfect approach to stage infection and yellow phlegm indicates the

    final or beginning stage. On the other hand, green color indicates active infection. The sinus

    attacks incidences are higher in patients already suffering with respiratory related diseases such

    as asthma and bronchitis. Sinus infections also cause extreme headache and runny nose


    Sinuses infection is classified into four types depending on the infection or pain area namely

    ethmoid (Pain between nose bridge and eyes), frontal (pain behind eyebrows and between eyes),

    sphenoid sinusitis (nose upper areas pain) and maxillary (Cheek area pain). Based on the

    infection duration, sinusitis may last for minimum four week to 12 weeks in severe cases and it

    may go over 12 weeks in chronic cases.

    Sinus infection diagnosis is based on the symptoms, medical history and physical examination of

    the patient. This also includes methods such as ultrasound, biopsy, CT scan and removing of

    cells to confirm sinus infection type. Chronic and recurrent sinusitis bouts complain patients

    undergo imaging tests.

  • Quick Ways Getting Rid of Sinus Infections1.Maintain Humidity: Place a humidifier in the room to maintain moisture, especially ifheater or an air conditioner is installed. Excessive moist or dry room makes a patient

    susceptible to sinus infections and too much moisture results in nasal congestion. Hence

    maintaining the level of humidity between 20 to 40% is mandatory to soothe the nasal


    2· Inhale Vapors: Inhale tea tree oil, eucalyptus and peppermint as they are natural healers.

    You can buy capsules or oils from drug stores. Combine them in boiling water, bring

    your face close to the steam and cover your head with a towel. Inhale the vapors and

    sense relief from the sinusitis typical headache and discomfort. This will ease the

    respiration process and act as decongestants.

    3· Take Hot Pack: A simple way to heal sinus infection is by considering a hot pack. You

    can dip a towel in hot water and compress your face gently using the warm towel.

    Sprinkle eucalyptus oil a few drops in the towel while taking compress. Try thrice a day

    and there will be improvement. Make sure to check the temperature of the towel. This

    therapy reduces facial swelling, controls blood circulation and opens the nasal passages.

    4· Take Nasal Drops: Get nasal drops that have grapefruit seed extract so that it helps in

    alleviating inflammation and swelling inside nasal passages. You are sure to get relief

    from the uneasiness within 2-3 days, even if you have a runny nose.

    5· Include Vitamin C, Potassium and Zinc Supplements: Potassium, Zinc and vitamin C

    assist in drying excessive mucus. It is recommended to include vegetables such as

    asparagus, spinach, sprouts or potatoes. Also include fruits such as prunes, grapefruits,

    bananas, dates, cantaloupe, etc that are opulent in potassium and zinc. Grapefruits,

    lemons and oranges are full of vitamin C and it is ideal for quick recovery. Take medical

    supplements, with the consultation of your doctor. This is because any sudden increase of

    mineral levels within the body may give rise to health disorders or aggravate existing

    disorder condition.

    6· Modify Your Diet: Be cautious about your diet. Avoid sugary and spicy foods. Sip hot

    ginger or green tea and red clover tea. Have a glass of lemon juice in the morning with

    honey and chew raw ginger slices. Make a paste with tulsi leaves and honey and eat it

    daily. These also boost up the immune system and are great cure for sinus infection.

    General Remedies

    General remedies are the home remedies. They include drinking warm water in ample amounts

    and juices rich in vitamins and proteins so that it promotes the immune system, besides getting

    rid of sinus infection. In this way your body stays hydrated and mucus drainage is promoted.

    Apple cider vinegar is effective, so add apple cider vinegar 2 tablespoons in a glass of water and

    have it daily.

    Natural therapy such as a steam bath is effective cure. It stimulates the immune system and helps

    in early recovery from sinus infection. However, people with heart diseases, high blood pressure

    and pregnant women must not consider taking steam bath.

    Follow these healing techniques it is easy to get rid of sinus infection fast. You can also stay fit

    reducing the chances of falling sick.

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