How to Get Rid Of Constipation

Constipation may be defined as inability in passing stools. This is due to clogging or hardening of stools. This is a common condition experienced by many. Some face constipation at some time, while others experience regular constipation bouts and it is bothersome.


Constipation Causes and Symptoms

Constipation is treated as a medical condition symptom. It is a symptom of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and may be caused due to various other reasons.  The prominent reason for constipation is wrong eating habit and diet lacking in fibers, excess wheat or dairy products. Even tensions, stress, irregular patterns of sleeping are the contributing factors in causing constipation. A person suffering from constipation experiences symptoms such as appetite loss, headache, bloating, depression, fatigue and discomfort.  This is not a serious condition, but may lead to hemorrhoids, if not treated in time.

Constipation Medication
Occasional constipation may be rid of by many means and it is not a severe condition. Laxatives are the right medications to cure quickly constipation. Milder laxatives are available over-the-counters and are recommended to be taken orally. Stool softeners are also given to people suffering with severe constipation. The stool softeners make the stools soft. However, taking stool softeners regularly is not recommended as it may damage the bowel or intestines. You can go for natural methods that cause no side effects.

Remedies to Treat Naturally

·    Drinking water assists in easier stool movement; so early in the morning have a glass of warm water as this helps curing constipation. Mix 1 teaspoon honey and lemon and drink it, it is soothing and relieving.

·    Triphala is an herb acting as a laxative and a treatment for constipation. It helps in promoting the colon.

·    Fiber is very important for the digestive system proper functioning, so regularly include it in your diet. Vegetables, fruits and green vegetables are fibrous foods to be formed an integral part.

·    Psyllium husk is an herbal laxative helping in getting rid of constipation. Add 2-3 teaspoons of warm water or milk for quick results.

·    Grapes helps in colon cleanse and must be eaten without causing side effects. It is recommended to have 300-350 Gms a day. This helps in solving constipation problem.

These are natural methods helping treating constipation. However, regular exercise, a good diet and bowel habits are important to prevent constipation. You can also consider these home remedies.

Top home remedies for constipation

·    Lemon: Lemon juice treats constipation as it stimulates your digestive system. It is the most effective and simplest treatments that get things moving in your digestive system. Extract juice from lemon and mix it with one glass of warm water, add salt and little honey. Drink it, first on empty stomach and also a glass in the evening. The results are the best.

·    Fennel:  Fennel seeds help in curing issues such as bloating, indigestion, irritable bowel, constipation and indigestion. They promote smooth muscle movement. Take a cup of fennel seeds and roast, grind and sieve. Store it in a jar and take half teaspoon daily with warm water.

·    Figs: Figs act as good natural laxative and is high in fiber. People must include figs as a treatment for constipation. Eat the figs with skin, as it contains calcium and fiber. Take two or three dried figs and almonds, soak them for few hours in water, peel almonds and grind ingredients. Take one tablespoon of this paste with honey at night.

·    Castor Oil: Castor oil triggers large and small intestines, improving bowel movement. You must swallow castor oil two teaspoons on empty stomach. You can improve the taste by taking it with some preferred fruit juice. Avoid using it for a long period as it may result in side effects.

·    Honey: Prevent constipation problem with honey as it is a mild laxative. Consume honey two teaspoons of three times a day. You may mix honey a tablespoon with lemon juice with warm water and have it on empty stomach every morning.

·    Flax Seed: Flax seed includes tons of omega-3 fatty acids and fiber. Flaxseeds have laxative property and this can be useful in treating mild to severe constipation cases.

·    Raisins: Raisins can also be soaked for a day or two, if fresh grapes are unavailable. Drink this solution as it works great even for children.

·    Spinach: Spinach is ideal for digestive tract and eating raw spinach cleanses, reconstructs and regenerates the intestinal tract. Remember to include spinach regularly in your diet. You may eat it cooked or raw, based on your choice. Drink raw spinach juice half glass mixing it with water half glass, daily twice. This will offer you much relief.

·    Molasses:  Molasses one teaspoon before going to bed is recommended or you can mix two tablespoons of molasses with same amount of peanut butter and have it in the morning. It is one of the best laxatives.

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