How to Get Rid of Blisters Fast

How to Get Rid of Blisters Fast

Blisters are painful and so it is natural for one to find ways as to how to get rid of blisters fast. A very important point is to give them enough time so that they heal naturally. Blisters are swellings on the skin and have clear liquid filled in it. This is due to the skin getting injured due to pressure or friction and the fluid gets collected on the skin. The liquid is the serum, but sometimes it leads to forming pus. These mostly develop in people having sensitive skin.


The common factor for causing blisters is friction and this commonly affects hands and feet. Constant pressure or repeated rubbing on the skin causes the epidermis to tear. This separates the layer from the dermis and the space gets created filling it with a protective liquid, the serum, helping in healing process naturally. Yet, the irritation owing to sunburns and burns, infections, allergies and certain medications cause this development. In fact, sometimes the skin diseases and fever also results in blisters.


Blisters get healed on their own. However, to lessen the irritation and pain you can follow some steps.  Generally, the itching is more and it is difficult to resist. Yet taking proper care prevents infection.  The best way is to allow the new skin to form such that the fluid gets absorbed into the skin. This is the safest and is alright if the blister is small without causing any hindrance in everyday tasks. Yet as a remedy:

1·    Ensure to dry and use a bandage to cover it. Use a corn pad over the pus-filled swelling.
2·    Use cotton gauze and cover it, thus avoid pressure. In case, the blisters are on your feet, avoid footwear covering the affected part or is putting pressure on the blister.

Nevertheless, blisters do pop, despite all the care taken. If it does, wash the area carefully using mild soap and apply antiseptic cream and do a clean bandage. Yet, if it pops, do not peel the remaining skin to avoid infection. Everyday clean the area, apply antiseptic cream and cover it dry.

In some cases you must drain them. If it is cause due to burns, the doctor bursts the blisters or even you can burst them, though it is not recommended. Yet, if you have to do go about this way:

3·    Clean the area using an antibacterial soap or by rubbing alcohol.
4·    Once cleaned, puncture the blister using a sterilized needle or a syringe.
5·    Puncture at the base and drain out the liquid by pressing it gently.  Ensure the fluid is drained out completely.
6·    Put antibiotic cream and cover with a dry, clean bandage.

A blister is not only painful, but also often annoying resulting in damaged body tissues owing to friction. Commonly, blisters appear on the feet are owing to ill fitting shoes. Fortunately, here are some effective ways of getting rid of blisters fast:

Let Air

The foremost is to lest blisters breathe. Air exposure speeds the healing. You need to bandage it with an adhesive bandage such that the middle is raised allowing good air flow. The blister treatment also depends on the wound, whether the torn is open or is intact. Intact blister protects the wound from infection. Mere cleaning is enough so that there is no dirt on it and cleaning also decreases pain.

Bandage Blister

Pick a bandage and cushion the injury. This also protects the wound from infection. In case, skin is attached on the blister, just leave it. Protect it from infection by cleaning the blister using a sterile gauze pad and if possible remove the fluid out and cover using an antibiotic ointment and bandage to ensure speedy healing.

Topical cream

Cleaning debris or dirt from the blister, you may apply antibacterial ointment on the area. Smear an antiseptic gel-type cream as it offers the required cooling benefits. Keep the area clean and prevent infection by sanitizing it thus you can speed the healing process.

Be gentle while you smear antibiotic ointment. You can sterilize using a hygienic-wipe and prevent infection by covering with clean gauze, a bandage dressing afterwards. Even using tea-tree oil on the blister after draining the liquid is a natural way of healing speedily and preventing infection.

Draining Blister

Draining blister is the only remedy and it causes extreme pain when the fluid is out. However, wipe the blister and apply antiseptic to avoid infection. Even while you pierce take care to pierce the edge of the blister using a sewing needle well sterilized. Puncture the blister with a sharp needle and drain the fluid, avoid squeezing it. Leave the skin free, apply antibiotic ointment and bandage with a gauze pad.

Cushion the Injury

Apart from the bandage, padding helps in walking comfortably. You can buy foamy adhesive pads and cushion the injury. Air urges quick healing. So, put a bandage or wear socks, ensuring the blister receives good air.

Above all, being patient is very important especially with blisters. It takes few days to week to heal. But, you must drain, clean and dress the blister, allow open air and ensure the blisters are healed faster.

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